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B&K Muse Series | Meet Rochelle of @justanothermannequin

June 19, 2021 3 min read

Rochelle from @justanothermannequin wearing Winter Bird & kite
Daphne Dress
We have been collaborating with the gorgeous Rochelle of @justanothermannequin for a few years now so we thought it was time to sit down and here a little more about her story and what inspires her.


1. First things first, Coffee or Tea? And how do you take it? 
Coffee, always! A large cap with sugar is my favourite way to start the day!


2. Awesome, Can you please tell us a little about what keeps you busy Mon-Friday…
When I’m not out on location shooting, I’m in the office prepping outfits, styling, sourcing locations or creating concepts and mood boards for the next one!
As a freelancer, I run all parts of the business myself, so my days vary from being all admin to being up at 4am for sunrise shoots!


3. How did you get into the business of Content Creation? And did you always think you would be in the creative field growing up?
I was always the crafty one! So it felt pretty natural to work in a job that had room for creativity. I actually studied journalism and dreamed of working for a fashion magazine!
I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be writing the articles, styling the shoots, designing the graphics or even be modelling on the cover!
Starting a blog was a fun way for me to exercise all those skills throughout university while I figured it out, and it ended up becoming my full-time job a few years later!


Rochelle from @justanothermannequin wearing Winter Bird & kite


4. Where do you find your inspiration for new photoshoots & content creation?
I’m inspired daily by my clients! They create the most incredible brands and pieces that I have the pleasure of bringing to life through my content.
It all starts with them and I adore having the opportunity to take their vision and capture it in a way that embodies their brand!


5. What has been the biggest eye opener for you since becoming an influencer & content creator online?
In this industry you have to be adaptable! Since I wear the hat of a model, stylist, photographer, editor, writer and everything in-between, there’s a lot of moving parts!


6. What brings you the most excitement in your daily work or life?
Definitely seeing what my beautiful clients come up with next! They truly do amaze me and I’m so grateful to have a base of wonderful, creative brands that choose to work with me.
When they bring out a new collection or product I’m always there cheering them on and draw so much inspiration from what they produce!


Rochelle from @justanothermannequin wearing Winter Bird & kite


7. What has been the biggest challenge for you running @justanothermannequin ?
As a really organised person, adapting to the freelance life was a big shift. My day can change with a single email and suddenly my next month is full!
I never know what’s coming next and working alone means I have to enforce some sort of consistency in my day to keep me sane!


8. What is one lesson business / work / modelling has taught you about life?
Do what makes you happy and fulfilled. Follow that passion and everything with fall into place.
9. If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?
I always thought I’d make a good teacher. I’m very empathetic and naturally fall into mentorship roles! I also like the idea of having the opportunity to make an impact on young people at a time when they might need direction.
A good teacher sticks with you and I’d love to be that for someone! 


Marcel Jumper  Rochelle from @justanothermannequin wearing Winter Bird & kite


10. Favourite thing about living in ’Newcastle' NSW? 
Newcastle is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! It has a relaxed, small coastal town vibe with (almost!) everything the big cities have to offer. Plus, our families live here and that’s the biggest draw for us!


11. Where would you take us if we were to come & visit you for a weekend?
An ideal stay would include morning market hopping, some time in the sun at one of the dreamy beaches, a sunset coastal walk and an evening at our home as we love entertaining our friends with a good backyard BBQ!


12. Lastly, where can we find you online? 
I post daily on Instagram at @justanothermannequin and share my work, musings and thoughts over at!
Rochelle wear the below items from our latest STARLING collection:
Marcel Jumper in OATMEAL, Eliza Smock in HAZEL GINGAHM and our Daphne Dress in MINIMAL CHECK 

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