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STYLE FILES :: Connie Cao, Melbourne, Australia

July 09, 2019 2 min read

Connia Cao wearing Bird & Kite Sustainable Fashion Brand Australia

Connie wears our IN CASE OF YOU Jumper in Moss Green. You can shop our knits HERE.

For those of you who are just discovering you now, tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do & where you live.

Hi, I'm Connie! I'm a travel and lifestyle blogger at based in Melbourne, Australia. I love creating and sharing content revolving around travel destinations, home decor, fashion, lifestyle and sustainability. I also run a little online store on the side (check @connieandlunastudio) where I sell handcrafted flower crowns and earrings. I'm currently prepping for Finders Keepers market in a months time! 

You were lucky enough to head to China recently! How was it? What was your favourite part about your trip?

I had an incredible time in China exploring some absolutely jaw-dropping landscapes I've always wanted to visit - one of which was Zhangjiajie (Avatar Mountains) a large national park filled with tall jagged sandstone columns which are often covered by a sea of clouds. So picturesque. China is filled with so many beautiful places the world doesn't know about and I can't wait to write about them soon as they are just so worth visiting.  

Connie Cao wearing Bird & Kite Vincent Overalls in Stone

Connie wears our VINCENT OVERALLS in Stone. You can shop these HERE.

What are you never traveling without?

My camera gear, for sure. I'll carry my humungous DSLR everywhere just in case I want to capture something to share. 

What makes for the perfect traveling outfit?

The perfect travelling outfit is comfortable and easy to move in, and is versatile enough to wear in multiple different ways! 

Connie from ConnieandLuna wears our ALELA SKIRT in Blush

Connie from @ConnieandLuna wears our ALELA SKIRT in Blush. You can shop this skirt HERE.

What inspires you daily?

I love being inspired by nature and our surroundings. There is so much to observe whenever you're out on a walk! We live near lots of bushland and it's absolutely stunning here.

Do you have any morning &/or evening rituals? 

I love mornings! In the morning the first thing I always do is take our dog Toro out for a walk. I try to always make time for a quick stretch on the yoga mat and a cup of tea. And I always write a daily to do list.

Evenings I love to use to plan out my tomorrow, but most of the time I'm up working late so they're a little more fluid and scattered! 

Do you have a quote or favourite saying / guru that you live by?

I really enjoy Brene Brown's books on vulnerability and courage, which I've been listening to on Audible - she narrates her own books!

You can follow Connie over on her blog HERE or follow her on instagram at @connieandluna

Bird and Kite Skirt ALELA in Blush in Byron Bay

Connie from @ConnieandLuna wears our ALELA SKIRT in Blush. You can shop this skirt HERE.


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