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Food for thought | Fashion industry & COVID-19

April 22, 2020 3 min read

Bird and Kite ethical factory in Bali

A note from our Founder, Designer & Director, Jodi Gibbs.


Growing up in the bush, sustainably and off the grid instilled values in me that remain my guiding force in all things I do…in Life and in Bird & Kite. The values that breathe life into our every day practices are of paramount importance to me. They are who I am…who we are and continue to define us as a brand.


I think now, more than ever, in this new COVID - 19 reality, people are asking more questions, making considered choices and really wanting to consume carefully. Perhaps the silver lining in all this is that we will become more discerning and value quality, in the life of the makers, the impact on planet as well as the quality of the product. As we strive for slowness and consciousness in our production and brand practices, the world is now slowing down to meet our pace and becoming more choosey. Perhaps this is an important pivotal moment in fashion. Perhaps out of the ashes can emerge a beautiful, new path for the fashion industry to walk.



We have been having many discussions with our team about the impact Covid - has had on our makers, our customers and the entire industry. Our current crisis has sparked a renewed desire to support each other in a time of uncertainty and is highlighting ways in which our personal habits can become more sustainable.

Here are some of the topics we have been discussing:

COVID-19 impact on the makers behind the brands and supply chain

Disruption to the travel, hospitality, restaurant, events, sports and entertainment industry have been noticed by all of us. However, the deeper and somewhat unnoticed impact has been the sudden disruption to supply chains effecting the most vulnerable and marginalised people.


As an artisan crafted brand we are highly conscious of the impact this will have on our makers and makers across the world. Our product is artisanship and things that are often made by hand supporting small family businesses. Artisanal craft is the second largest source of employment across the so-called developing world. It is estimated there are around two billion artisan workers around the world. 


We are working hard to keep the demand strong for our makers and to support them through this difficult time. If we thrive, they thrive. Our survival is their survival. We are connected in a way that has become, more than ever, highly emphasised to us during this time. We are working together with our makers to adapt both our businesses in ways that can support each other through this. This has required flexibility in our operations, Working out ways to make it possible for makers to work, safely from home or care for their children who are home from school. Creating more flexibility around batch sizes and production lead times. Keeping our business strong so that we can keep placing orders and supporting the supply chain.


It’s a work in progress. We are focussed on adapting together.


Bird & Kite ethical factory COVID 19 update


Mass consumption and fast fashion: Is it the end of an era?

As the world has slowed down to an almost halt, has this meant that we can now really support the slow fashion industry and make informed choices about what we purchase? Is this the perfect opportunity to reset the way the fashion industry operates to be more holistic?


The 4 pillars of conscious consumption to consider.

  • Consumption – our habits.
  • Composition – how our clothing breaks down and what fabrics we should be investing in.
  • Conditions – of where and which our clothing is made in.
  • Collective Action – required from us as consumers, from us as Brands and our industry.
We would love to hear your thoughts and any questions you have on how our brand practices best support these considerations. In the meantime, stay tuned here and to our social media platforms to learn more about our ethical practices. You can also read more about our practices over on our ETHICS & ECOpages.

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