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Motherhood | Meet Lucy from @mama.and.munchkin

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Bird & Kite Motherhood Moments

We absolutely love seeing our customers in our designs, even more so when they are beautifully captured by Anita from @anita.alice.photography. She recently captured Mama Lucy, the lady behind @mama.and.munchkin as she nurtured her new soul. We sat down with Lucy and chatting all things Motherhood and her journey so far. Grab a cuppa and enjoy.

Are you able to tell us a little about yourself, where you live, and who makes up your lovely family? 

My name is Lucy! Prior to having our 2 beautiful children I worked as a Theatre Nurse. We have just finishing building our new home in the Bayside of Brisbane.

I see you are also running your own business. Can you tell us a little about what this is & how it came about?

I started my little passion project of selling positive affirmation collections (daily, birth, motherhood & childhood) after the birth of my first child. The power of mindfulness, never been something I’d slowed down for into in my busy working life. My first pregnancy and birth was challenging, but through mindfulness, breath work & practicing gratitude I believe I turned what most would call a ‘traumatic experience’ into one of the most transformative experiences of my life. The trust and love I had built for myself through practicing positive affirmations allowed me to then go on to have our daughter at home, unassisted.
Bird & Kite Motherhood Moments

How do you juggle 2 babies & a business?!

Nap time & baby wearing!

How have you found the transition from being a Mother of two under 2! 

I found the transition to 1 much harder than 2 - the midnight googling sessions, struggling with boundaries and failing to honour the postpartum period. Second baby I am a lot more confident as a mother and just take each day as it comes rather than setting expectations. 

What has been the biggest challenge for you through your journey as a Mum?

Boundaries - I used to be a bit of a people pleaser when it came to most things and then I’d be left feeling uncomfortable. I’ve had to learn (still learning) how to communicate with others when setting expectations.

Bird & Kite Motherhood Moments

What is your favourite time of the day or week with your 2 kids?
Those last 30 minutes before bedtime with my toddler having cuddles at story time.

My baby girl the first big smile of the morning

Do you have any special Mum hacks? 

It’s not my own but the little sticky thing on the back of Huggies toddler pull up nappies is to roll it up on itself and secure it after they’ve used it! Blew my mind when I found this out

There's advice galore out there, but if there was one thing you could pass on to a new mum, what would it be?

Trust your intuition and always do what feels right for you and your family!

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