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B&K Muse Series | The Talented Lauren From Will & Bear

September 17, 2021 3 min read

1. First things first, Coffee or Tea? And how do you take it?

Coffee always! Which is typically a straight Long Black first thing in the morning. 

2. Talk to us, what keeps you busy Mon-Friday...
Will & Bear works at such a high speed (which I secretly love!) so I always feel I have 1 Million things to do, which usually for me means there’s not enough hours in the day.  I’m fortunate to have my head in lots of departments in the business, so I’m always across various different projects, new launches, campaigns and design – it definitely keeps everything exciting. 

3. How did you get into the business of Hats? And did you always think you would be running your own business when you were growing up?
I didn't always think I would be, but I always knew I wanted to do something against the grain. 

Meet Our Muse - Lauren from Will&Bear

4. Where do you find your inspiration for new collections?

Will & Bear was born from the innate desire to be outside, exploring in nature – so nature for us has always and will always be a great source of inspiration for the brand. I tend to also get lots of my inspiration and creative vision when reviewing past styles and vintage styles both for women and men. 

5. Do you have a favourite style that you have designed & just can't move past?

Andy - in every colourway. It reminds me of the days when I would have been too nervous to wear such a bold hat and how far I've come on this journey. For me, it represents my confidence within business. 

6. What has been the biggest eye opener for you since launching Will & Bear?
Realising that we're all not perfect and the more open you are with your insecurities & failures the more you learn and build connections. 

Bird & Kite Muses - Lauren Will & Bear


7. What brings you the most excitement in your daily work or life?

Gardening – I feel so at ease and content when I’m out in my garden, I find the ritual of gardening so meditative and a way for me to easily connect with nature at my doorstep. 

8. What has been the biggest challenge for you running your business?
While it has been hugely exciting, and such an adventure, running a business with a partner can certainly come with its challenges. Much like any work relationship with colleagues, you have to find a good work/life balance. It’s definitely something that we continue to work on together. 

9. What is one lesson business has taught you about life?

Seek guidance and help from people you admire, don't be scared to ask questions and put yourself out there. At the end of the day, everyone is just a person like you

 B&K Muse Series - Lauren from Will & Bear

10. If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?

I’ve always loved the idea of running gardening retreats to support mental wellbeing and health. I find gardening has helped me so much, and it’s something I really enjoy and would love to share with others. 

11. Favourite thing about living in Rosebud, VIC?

I’m fortunate to live 5 minutes away from the water – with a bay and beach just around the corner. I absolutely love the water, and being so close to the ocean. I often take evening strolls, once my work day has finished to unwind and relax and review the day just gone.  

12. Where would you take us if we were to come & visit you for a weekend?
Redhill for breakfast at one of the many awesome cafes and then a walk on Mcrea beach (the best beach in Victoria if you[re asking me!)

13. Lastly, where can we find you (Or Will & Bear) online 

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