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Interview | Lounging with @chelseyrouen

April 30, 2022 2 min read


Lounging with Chelsey Rouen

Hey Chelsey, Congrats on your new Bubba! Are you managing to find some time for yourself with the new addition to your family? 
Thank you so much!  I can’t say I’m having much time for myself at the moment, CeCe is only 1 month old so life very much revolves and her which I’m just embracing. I’ve found that dedicating all of my time and energy to Bub rather than trying to carve out me time has helped me enjoy this special time so much more. 

How do you currently spend your down time?
Mostly napping at the moment. Or in the garden!I love being outdoors enjoying some sun when I can. 


Lounging with Chelsey Rouen

Do you have any daily / weekly rituals to wind down or practise Self Care?
Whilst I was pregnant I had a beautiful morning routine…I would meditate, journal then enjoy a gentle prenatal yoga. At the moment it’s simply a morning cacao when I have a moment and an evening bath ritual that CeCe and I share together, it puts us both in a beautiful state ready to go to bed. It’s nice and simple whilst being easily achievable with a newborn. 

Do you have a special place at home that's your go-to lounge the afternoon away spot? What makes it so dreamy?
At the moment I just love being in our bedroom. It feels calm, safe and cozy ~ the perfect place to enjoy the newborn bubble . I think it’s the linen sheets that make it so dreamy ~ we ordered fresh sheets just before CeCe was born and they have been a dream! 

We are excited to see you in our new knitwear pieces, are you a matching set kinda gal or do you prefer to mix & match your loungewear?
Your new knitwear pieces are a dream! I’m matching set most of the time but I do also appreciate a mix and match too! 

Lounging with Chelsey Rouen

What are your favourite pieces from our new COCO loungewear range? 
Definitely the Bower Robe and Bowie pants. 

Finally, any tips for someone looking to practise more self-care and where to start?
Routine can be your friend…so can early mornings! I used to believe the quote“if you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal” so I’d built up this negative association to routine. However, a good morning or evening routine can be life changing! Adventure is always good too of course 


Lounging with Chelsey Rouen


Thanks so much for chatting Chelsey, it's been lovely getting to know you & your lifestyle a little more intimately! Doesn't she look gorgeous in our new Loungewear collection? You can shop her look over here.

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