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B&K Muse Series | Meet the Sisters behind @cungelella_art

June 30, 2021 4 min read

5 Sisters behind Cungelella Art in Bird & Kite

We recently caught up with the talented 5 ladies - all sisters - behind Cungelella Art. They are Artists, Partners, Sister, Mothers, Women that are telling the stories of their Kalkatungu homelands and sharing the colours, textures and history of their home through the platform Cungelella Art. Wearing some special pieces from our latest STARLING Collection, we took 10 minutes to learn a little more about these ladies and what inspires them to create. 

  1. First things first, Coffee or Tea? And how do you girls take it? Everyone matching or you all have your own rituals!?

 We love them equally tea at home and coffee when out and about. All of us are no sugar 3 X long blacks & 2 x 1/2 cappuccino 

  1. Can you please tell us a little more about what keeps you all (very) busy Mon-Friday...

Well between the Five of us we have 12 school aged kids so first things first we usually meet at the school, then meet at the coffee shop and talk about what we are supposed to be doing for the day and then don’t do it hahaha no then we do some painting accompanied by some tea, lunches and then school pick up again.  

5 Sisters behind Cungelella Art in Bird & Kite

  1. How did you get into the business of creating? And did you always think you would be in the creative field growing up? 

A lot of our family including our mother and father and also extended family have been involved in the creative arts business growing up, but it was only two years ago that we decided to create an instagram to showcase our work and then it took off from there really

  1. Did you all know you would end up working together or was it a coincidence?

Well not really, it just happened haha we all spent a lot of time together because we all had babies together, so it was full time play/coffee dates for a few years and then they all went to school together so we all had free time at the same time and then we just started painting once the kids were in school.

 5 Sisters behind Cungelella Art in Bird & Kite

\5 Sisters behind Cungelella Art in Bird & Kite

  1. Are you all part of the creative / painting / design or do you all have quite separate 'rolls' within the Cungelella Art bracket?

 No atm we are all fully involved in every aspect of the business for now it’s working pretty good.

  1. Where do you find your inspiration for new artwork?

 Where we live and call home, our traditional homelands. Kalkadoon country, we are surrounded by beautiful desert landscapes 

  1. What has been the biggest eye opener for you girls since becoming an 'artist' collective and running your business?

 Hahaha well that we all have a lot to learn in the business side of things 

  1. What brings you ladies the most excitement in your daily work or life?

The most excitement in our day is just spending time together as a family we really feel so lucky that we have such a big tight knit family.  

 5 Sisters behind Cungelella Art in Bird & Kite

5 Sisters behind Cungelella Art in Bird & Kite

  1. What has been the biggest challenge for Cungelella Art so far?

 Probably being rural has been the hardest part, because we just don’t have access to everything that we need for our work 90% we get online.

  1. What is one lesson business has taught you ladies about life? 

We have learnt that you can actually get paid to do a job in life that makes you happy but also brings a lot of joy into other people’s lives as well  

  1. If you wern't all doing this, what would you be doing? 

 We would probably still be sitting around drinking tea and looking after our kids minus the painting bit  

  1. Favourite thing about living in Happy Valley?

The freedom, the quiet, we are surrounded by the bush there is no hustle and bustle, everywhere is 5 mins drive and it’s a good place to raise kids because in a small community you get to know all the teachers and parents so you have that close connectedness that i don’t think we would have in big city, and when we do go to a big city which the closest would be townsville which is a 1000kms away we love it and the kids go crazy and they get excited over the smallest of things like the escalators in the shopping centres they think it’s a show ride. 

 5 Sisters behind Cungelella Art in Bird & Kite

  1. Where would you take us if we were to come & visit you ladies for a weekend?

Considering this is our traditional homelands we would definitely take you mob to see the underground springs, the rock art and just to see the landscape of which we are continually inspired by and then we would finish the day off with a feed and billy tea around the campfire.

  1. Lastly, where can we find you online?

insta : cungelella_art 

These 5 gorgeous sisters wear the below items from our latest STARLING collection:
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ELIZA SMOCK in Hazel Gingham,

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BRANDO PANTS in Soft White and the

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