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Celebrating Motherhood with Opi from @womb_2_mother

April 29, 2022 4 min read

Opi from Womb to Mama

In celebration of Motherhood and the journey that it is, we recently chatted to gorgeous Mama Opi, the lady behind @womb_2_mother. Grab a cup of tea and sit down and relax for 10 minutes while you read up this little interview with this inspiring Mama.

Hey Opi, thanks so much for being a part of our Motherhood Series. Are you able to tell us a little about yourself, where you live, and who makes up your lovely family?

I am a mother of 3 living by the bay with my loving partner, 2 beautiful daughters earth-side and one currently womb-side

Congratulations on your 3rd pregnancy! Do you know what you are having? Have you known for your other 2 births also? 

Thank you  we feel blessed! Noooo we LOVE the surprise and either way we are just so grateful to create and birth these little humans, whatever gender they may be.

What has been the most memorable time through your Motherhood journey to date?

Mmm memorable? Wow there’s so many continued memories with each of our girls!I feel being a part of their everyday being and witnessing them blossom has created an abundance of memories in which I will cherish! Their “milestones” are memorable but the stones that they step to each milestone are also pretty special. 

Opi from Womb to Mama

What are you most excited about in the future with your soon-to-be-tribe of 3?

A family centred birth. Our girls will be a very big part of our birthing day and it’s important to me to give space for their eyes to  witness “birth.” 

To watch my babies grow and love together also excites me! I actually fast forward in my head to what birthdays and Christmas Day will look like with a tribe. Those feels get me! I really love the idea of a FULL family. 

You are also a business lady running retreats (which look amazing by the way!) What lead you to becoming a yoga / meditation 'teacher'?

When I was 25 (8 years ago) I travelled to India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia. It was here that I saw the world with eyes that I never knew I had. I felt so free and alive, yet scared and challenged. It was the start of an upgrade within myself, which lead me to my spiritual practice. We all have the spirit in us and it’s whether or not we choose to tap into it.  

Upon returning to Australia I chose to tap into this spirit. I started yoga/meditation and connected with my (still to this day) yogi/spiritual mentor Randall Simpson. It wasn’t like I woke up one day and decided I wanted to become a yoga/meditation teacher, it just naturally started to unfold for me. 8 years on, yoga is a way of living for me, not just the physical asana practice.

Opi on Motherhood

How do you balance the juggle with running these and 2 girls under 5... and being pregnant!?

I don’t hold on to the outcome, I have learnt to adjust and readjust when I need to. Our lives are evolving so rapidly things change and I’m ok with that. When I feel it, I run with it, when I feel a pull I pause. I’ve never “given up” as such but I’ve had plenty of pauses and I’m sure many more to come. Being a mother is my priority. 

To date, What has been the biggest challenge for you through your journey as a Mum? 

To prevent my own childhood trauma patterns within my motherhood journey. The shadow work when you become a mother is not often spoken about, however it is one that I’m super passionate about.

The preconceptions of others and their expectations on “mothers” coming into motherhood has mostly been supportive and loving journey for me but I have also had to let go of certain friendships/relationships who don’t water my seeds of mother. This is big and can be an uncomfortable and new territory to navigate, but one that has also bought me into a clear path and state today of those who I wish to take part in not just my mothering but my children. 

Have you found your style, since becoming a Mother, has changed in what you wear every day? if so, How?

I’m way more of a lounge and oversized kind of Mumma. I feel sexier in an oversized Tee than a tight dress. I also love anything linen and knit!

I love a minimal closet. I wear pieces until they have holes in them!

Opi from womb to Mama on Motherhood Style

Finally, Any secret Mum hacks to share with us?

  • Cook once eat twice, this is also how we afford to eat organic. We also do “breakfast” for dinner once a week! Example: Nourishing oats with dates, cinnamon, ghee, coconut milk and berries or good old eggs on toast. 
  • Make wholesome snacks that last the week vs the packet of chips that last 20mins and your kids are back at your feet saying they are hungry. 
  • Stay in your lane, be mindful and kind. We are all different mothers, who mother in our own unique ways.
  • It’s ok to ask for help, don’t assume others know. 


Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us Opi. You can follow more of her motherhood adventures over on @womb_2_mother.These stunning photos were captured by the talented

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