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Interview | Lounging with Dana of @permanentweekend

April 23, 2022 6 min read

Dana from @permanentweekend

  1. Hi Dana! First up, where in the world are you lucky enough to call home? And what is your space like? Apartment, House, Unit, Tent?
Hello! Thank you so much for having me, it's such an honour to be interviewed! We're in Port Adelaide, we're so thrilled to be living in an area with such rich heritage and beautiful old buildings with amazing architecture, it still has a small town feel though it's close to the city which works well for us for work. It's a bit of an'up and coming' area for Adelaide and we have so many creatives living in the same building! The community is also very welcoming. We currently live in a warehouse converted apartment, it used to be the Dulux Paints factory and it's over 100 years old! There's so much we love about the space from the original floorboards to the high ceilings, exposed beams and brick walls! Everyone that visits is often a bit surprised by how it looks, it's very'New York' and I think people just don't expect that from the outside.
We've set up our space to be quite homely despite having an office in the main kitchen/lounge/dining area and we even have a recording studio in the loft for our podcast. Sadly the space wasn't able to cater for a photography studio and we don't have a backyard for our doggo, but we've got big dreams for our own space one day in the Adelaide Hills with all the trimmings! 
  • 2. You always seem like such a busy lady creating content & running your own business, Do you get much down time to relax?
I'm always doing something, it's hard to sit still on one idea for long! I just have to get out and do it. I do really struggle to relax, as I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of my work, I feel so passionate about the work we do and it gives me such a sense of purpose in life. So I would say because I find it more of a lifestyle, that I don't get a huge amount of relaxation time and I'm still learning how to do this whole'work/life balance' thing! I think it's great if you can outsource things that might not be your strength, but I am also learning how to let go of some things to gain some more freedom for relaxation. It's a goal I have for 2022.
Dana from @permanentweekend
  • 3. How do you choose to spend your'lounging' time? Any special space or activity?
I think when we moved and downsized a fair bit from our 4 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom apartment, my husband knew I would need my own space! I'm a messy creative, so he's learned to live slightly chaotically. There's a room in the house that is storing some things, but it has my wardrobe along a pipe covering one whole wall - I actually love being able to go in there and see everything hanging up. There are a few Bird & Kite faves in there too! I haven't used the space as much as I would like as yet, it's needing some work to be a bit more functional! But I'm planning on spending some more time there doing things I love like embroidery and painting. I've heard that if you work doing something with your head, you should do something with your hands to relax, so I do find those activities peaceful for my mind. We also ordered a new couch just recently that is going to be perfect for snuggling with my dog & reading(and maybe blogging/or online shopping from the laptop!) Other than that, I do love when I can photograph for myself, or get some sort of creative project in mind. I am very excited for a project I'm planning at the moment for the second half of 2022. 
  • 4. Do you have any daily or weekly rituals to wind down or practise Self Care?
My husband and I have coffee on the couch together every Monday and Friday morning and just talk about anything that comes to mind, this can often be very nerdy with talking about photography gear or it might be a bit more heartfelt with something we're worried about or a problem we're facing. It is lovely to put that time aside just for us. I also try to take our dog Olive to the beach at least two times per week, she's in the habit of this so much now that she has a special way of asking me to take her!
I do have a good morning routine also, I love reciting affirmations, having coffee(I just have the one per day) I'll set some oils diffusing, then put some music on to start work. I'm about to add pilates & swimming to the mix too on alternate days. I find with routines they take me a little while to settle into, so I just add one thing at a time. I am still working on winding down in the evening and getting into good habits for before bed, it needs a lot of work since I feel I am most productive then, so I can often find it hard to go to sleep as early as I should! Ask me in 6 months how that's going haha.
  • 5. Have absolutely loved seeing you style our new Loungewear range, what's your favourite piece from the collection?
The Bowie Pants! I am going to LIVE in these gorgeous pants, they're perfect for pretty much any event. I need them in every colour. I never thought I could love a pair of pants more, but here I am loving these HARD! I feel like these babies would look good on anyone! And I absolutely adore how they look on me, how they feel, how comfortable they are - the quality is also amazing. Perfect for lounging, lunching, or wining or going out almost anywhere. I don't think anyone should hesitate in buying them, they're going to sell out super quick. 
Dana from @permanentweekend
  • 6. Do you have a favourite look / way that you like to style your loungewear pieces? High heels & off to the bar or are you more of a slides & couch gal?
I love anything slouchy & comfy, the oversized kind of look, where a top or knit can be tucked into the pants with slides. But I also love a crop, with an oversized jacket over the top! I am definitely going to be pairing some heels with the gorgeous pants for brunch out soon at a lovely winery in Mclaren Vale. Overall though, I'll just be wearing these everyday at home with slides(exactly what I'm wearing now telling you this, no surprises there!)
  • 7. They're so comfortable I feel like they would be the perfect piece to wear on your work shoots - right?!
Oh definitely! I really want to wear them to every shoot! And in saying that, I probably will! They could be like my new uniform. 
8. Finally, if you could take your new loungewear pieces anywhere and relax for the day, where would you go?
Oh this is so hard to answer! I feel like there are many places in the world that I wish I could be relaxing right now, but I would have to say on the south coast, there are these gorgeous retreats we stayed at one year for our anniversary and they have the most divine view of the ocean and cliffs. I feel like it's one of the most relaxing places as everything is so far away, you just stay there the whole time. There's nowhere you'd rather be than watching the sunset there with your favourite person! If you throw in a cinnamon scroll or a donut, then it just doesn't get any better than that!


Thanks so much for chatting Dana, it's been lovely getting to know you & your lifestyle a little more intimately! Doesn't she look gorgeous in our new Loungewear collection? You can shop her look over here.


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