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An interview with Owner of Mother Muse Magazine, Shereen Jupp

October 22, 2019 4 min read

Shereen Jupp of Mother Muse Magazine Bird & Kite
For those of you who are just discovering you now, tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do & where you live. 
I am the CEO of Mother Muse and a mother of two. My daughter is 3 and my son is 19 months. My family and I live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia surrounded my nature in the country and we absolutely love it. We moved from the city and would not turn back. 

Did you launch Mother Muse Magazine? Solo? 
I did! 

What was the inspiration behind the Magazine? And how did it all come to fruit? (For someone not in this industry it seems like a LOT of work to undertake!) 
The inspiration spun from my own motherhood journey. I struggled with postpartum depression when I first became a mother. I had a hard time resonating with the things I loved prior to motherhood. I had my daughter at the age of 24 and none of my friends had children yet, it was isolating. Before Mother Muse I was signed with an international modelling agency and had been doing modelling since 18. I also worked full time as a marketing team lead for a very successful Canadian company for almost 5 years. I felt a little lost and alone especially in the early stages of this new chapter in my life and decided to pour my energy into something positive. 

Shereen Jupp of Mother Muse Magazine Bird & Kite

What do you love most about your job? 
Helping other mothers have a safe space to be themselves.  

And what do you find the most challenging? 
The most challenging part of my job was putting my own face on my platform. Social media is powerful and a beautiful tool but also a dark place where cyber bullying is very common. I would get direct messages and comments from followers and women saying I didn't look like a "real mother" based on my body shape and appearance. These hurtful words definitely caused mental health stress for me and my family. Recently I have decided to step away showing myself and my family on my platform. I am not sure if this will be permanent but for now it's been nice to walk away and not be physically present on Mother Muse. I still will pop up once and while when I work personally with brands I love (like Bird & Kite).

You are also a Mum, how do you find working and being a Mother? 
Since we moved to the Fraser Valley, my daughter recently has been in pre school part time which has helped greatly. Prior to this transition I had both the little ones while I worked and it was very hard. I am still learning to balance motherhood and work. My schedule works around what my children need. Therefore I usually work early mornings before my partner leaves for work and late at night when my babies are asleep. 

What does Sustainability mean to you?
Sustainability for me is living slower and to practise a minimal clean approach to living. I've always been a firm believer in less is more and quality vs. quantity.  

What things do you implement in your daily life that help aid a more sustainable way of living? 
I don't drive (or own a car) I prefer walking almost everywhere. Our family of 4 shares/ drives an eco boost vehicle that my husband uses to travel to work. We buy second hand and re-sell our own belongings this way it continues to be used. We research our products before purchasing and making sure the companies we support also have ethical & sustainable working standards. We support and shop from our local farmers (we are so lucky we have that opportunity here). We also do not believe in trends and focus on everlasting items for our family. For holidays we don't believe in splurging on major gift giving (we believe less is more) and believe family adventures are more important than product.

You always look gorgeous, do you have a no.1 Style tip that you live by? 
That is so sweet! My style tip is wear what makes you feel good. Don't over think it and focus on pieces/ product that compliments your natural beauty. 

Shereen Jupp of Mother Muse Magazine Bird & Kite

Where do you usually look for sustainable Fashion Brands to shop from?
Instagram has been a great community to find sustainable brands. 

What has been your biggest inspiration to live your life by? 
Less is more.

What are you top 3 style tips? 
Currently my style tip for fall/winter because I love dresses is layering. I layer my summer dresses over thin turtlenecks or pair my dresses with cardigans paired with ankle boots or knee high boots depending on the length of the dress. Another tip for style is find colours or tones that compliment your skin or bring out certain natural features. For example like finding colours that match your natural lip tone to make it pop. Or colours that bring out your eyes. I am a huge fan of anything that compliments our natural beauty. 

What is your favourite Bird & Kite style from our current season?
The dress I wore in this photoshoot!

Thanks so much Shereen! Lovely to chat and hear more about your journey. You can follow this talented Mumma over on instagram here or check out her online blog / Magazine at mother-muse.com

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