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The Story behind our Artisan Knitwear

May 22, 2022 2 min read

Bird & Kite Artisan Knitwear Feature

At Bird & Kite, we love a beautiful story. One with tales of craftsmanship and heritage makes us even more excited. 

Our latest collection for Winter is rich in stories. In, Buoy we have taken our inspiration from our seafaring ancestors. The romance of isolated fishing villages from centuries gone by, where self-sufficiency was the foundation of their survival. Knitwear was not just an item of clothing it was protection from the wild conditions at sea. Knitting skills were passed down through the generations.

Bird & Kite Artisan Knitwear Feature

In our design process, we uncovered enchanting stories and symbolic meanings of knitwear throughout history. We loved discovering the myths behind the fisherman's knits while creating, Buoy. A diamond stitch, as seen in theAsher Jumper, resembles the shape of the fishermen’s mesh nets, and is the unmistakable symbol of wealth and success. One of the classic nautical styles is the traditional cable knit which is where the diamond stitch originates, resembling the fisherman’s ropes, a symbol of strength.

Contemporary knitwear evolved from the fisherman's legacy. Fast forward through time to the 60s, when men began to seek their path of rebellion, the jumper became a statement for artists and actors opting for a more relaxed look over the standard, shirt and tie. We dreamed of style icons such as Steve McQueen, Picasso, and Marlon Brando, all diehard fans of this look. 

Bird & Kite Artisan Knitwear Feature

Our knitwear is steeped in history not just in theory, but also in practice, created on artisanal hand operated looms. Whether you’re looking for a classic or a more contemporary twist on a traditional jumper, our collection has tradition running through the natural fibres. Luxurious, oversized ribbed knits are sumptuous against the skin and seasonally versatile, perfect for unpredictable weather and moody winter days.

You can shop our range of luxuriously textured knits online  here. 

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