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Interview | Lounging with Rochelle of @justanothermannquin

May 17, 2022 2 min read

Rochelle wears Pistachio from our recent Loungewear Collection

  • 1. Hi Rochelle, This is an interview series about'lounging' and self care. First up, where are you lucky enough to call home? And what is your space like? Apartment, House, Unit, Tent?
I live in the coastal town of Newcastle in an old 1940s cottage style home! My husband and I are currently mid-renovation and are gradually bringing the house back to life after a few decades of neglect. My favourite spaces are my cosy home office and our sunny backyard!
  • 2. You always seem like such a busy lady creating content & running your own business, Do you get much down time to relax?
I find it really hard to prioritise down time, especially in the last year I've been juggling renovations, planning a wedding and a busy work schedule. That being said I'm a massive homebody so when I do switch off it will involve having a wine with a friend at home or setting up a backyard picnic with my husband!
Rochelle wears Pistachio from our recent Loungewear Collection
  • 3. How do you choose to spend your'lounging' time? aka Relax mode.
I absolutely love entertaining at home! Having friends over for dinner is my favourite way to unwind. There's nothing like good food and good company!
  • 4. Do you have any daily or weekly rituals to wind down or practise Self Care?
Staying organised and planning out my weeks really keeps me calm, especially when I'm juggling a lot! I love pulling out my diary, lighting a candle and setting myself up for the week ahead.
Either that or watching a tv show in the bath!
Rochelle wears Pistachio from our recent Loungewear Collection
  • 5. Have absolutely loved seeing you style our new Loungewear range, what's your favourite piece from the collection?
I have been wearing the Bower robe over absolutely everything! It feels like a bath robe but looks so chic styled over my staple linen pants and knit dresses. I love cosying up under it and get so many compliments each time I do!
  • 6. How do you like to style your new Bird & Kite lounge pieces?
I love elevating the looks with my classic gold jewellery and a hat! With the right styling you can really make them work for anything, which is why I love this collection, it's so versatile!
Rochelle wears Pistachio from our recent Loungewear Collection
  • 7. If you could take your new loungewear pieces anywhere and relax for the day, where would you go?
Somewhere cosy with all my friends and family!
  • 8. Finally, any tips for someone looking to practise more self-care and where to start?
If you're like me and you find it difficult to slow down, actively make time for it in your schedule. Allow for downtime in your calendar and put in things that you're excited to do! Relaxing doesn't always have to mean doing nothing at all, you can unwind in any way you like!

Rochelle wears Pistachio from our recent Loungewear Collection

Thanks so much for chatting Rochelle, it's been lovely getting to know you & your lifestyle a little more intimately! Doesn't she look gorgeous in our new Loungewear collection? You can shop her look over here.

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