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It is estimated that the fashion industry produces 60 Billion metres squared of cutting room floor waste. We don’t like to see fabric go to waste. Every scrap counts. That’s why we donate our textile offcuts that are left over from production to local balinese women. These women recycle our offcuts and use them to weave “rag rugs” that they can sell. This provides an income for their families. Then we buy some and use them…and it all goes around! We love that our waste is recycled and turned into something so useful and beautiful! 

Our head scarves & complimentary Scrunchies are also made from production off-cuts, utilising what would otherwise head directly into landfill into a beautiful accessory to be worn many times over and for many years to come.

Plastic. We all know by now that this is one of the worlds biggest ecological and environmental disasters that humans are STILL contributing to. Plastics can take up to 1000 years to degrade. And it never fully degrades, rather it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces that are eventually ingested by marine life.

The fashion industry contributes a huge amount to the worlds plastic problem. Imagine the billions of items of clothing being distributed to stores in poly bag slips each year. Add to that items delivered to online purchasers in plastic postal satchels. Just think on that for a moment.

This is why we have decided to say no to plastic in our operations as a brand. All our packaging is made from recycled or biodegradable materials. We package our items in non plastic slips made from Cassava plant. Yup, Plant based packaging that is fully compostable! Also, our online customers receive their purchases in compostable, non plastic postal satchels. 

Free with every online order!

Here at Bird & Kite we don't like to see a single scrap of fabric go to waste and simply end up in landfill. That is why we utilise all our fabric waste in a number of ways that enable us to give back to the community. What fabric we didn't use to make your scrunchie with, we donated to foundations supporting marginalised, Balinese women. The women use our fabric offcuts to weave rugs they can sell. Weaving is an important part of artisan culture in Bali. Not only are these women weaving a future for themselves they are also keeping alive the traditions of the past.

In an effort to minimise waste within our production, here at Bird & Kite we are utilising our leftover fabric scraps by creating scrunchies. To thank you for being our ambassador and for supporting conscious fashion, every online order from Bird & Kite will receive one of these scrunchies made from garment offcuts as a Free Gift with purchase.*

We can't wait to see you wearing and sharing your new Bird & Kite pieces, upcycled scrunchies with both us, and your community.

*Scrunchies will be shipped with all orders when available in stock. As these are made from dead material, we do not produce fabric specifically to make these items. We aim to place a Scrunchie inside each and every online order when we have these available.