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A Lockdown Letter From Our Founder Jodi

August 13, 2021 2 min read

To our cherished Bird & Kite community, some of whom have been with us from the early days and others who are new to joining us on our journey, we are so blessed to call you our tribe. If you are receiving this email it means that you have chosen us to be, in some way, part of your world and for this we are grateful.

More than ever it’s important that we stay connected. The last 18 months have indeed taught us this if nothing else. It’s been a wild ride , hasn’t it? Full of hard lessons and losses. Along the way we have had some silver linings too and some surprising discoveries as we learn and grow into our individual and collective new normals. We are not out of the woods yet, though. For many, the struggle is still very real.

There is such a thing as emotional burnout. I can feel it. I can see it in people’s faces as they tend to their lives and children and wonder when things will feel stable & safe….joyful even. When we as a nation, as a world can thrive and prosper again without restrictions.

I want to remind you all that this won’t last forever. The day will come again when we will meet up for drinks and share food together with our friends. We have come so far together. There is just a bit further to go. We are united by our shared experience through this and united we will get through it. 
As the country and world go in and out of lockdown, take as many moments as you can to practice self care.  Call a friend, run bath, water a plant on the window sill, make tea. Reach out to those who are most isolated and stay connected. Nourish your body and your family with good food. Enjoy simple rituals.  Put love and energy into your home. It will be your sanctuary. 
You are not alone in this.
Much love from my family to yours,

B&K Muses
~ Lockdown Looks ~

Some of our incredible B&K muses have been sending us beautiful shots from their lockdown sanctuaries throughout the world.
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