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NEW KNITWEAR | An Interview with Founder & Designer, Jodi

April 10, 2022 4 min read

Bird & Kite Founder Jodi Gibbs on the new Loungewear Collection
Crazy about our new Loungewear collection? Same here. We recently took 5 and sat down with our Founder, Jodi, to chat more about where the inspiration for this new range, her favourites and how navigating designing through a pandemic is going...
Bird & Kite has been producing knitwear for a while but this is next level with an entire range of colours & shapes to choose from! What was the inspiration behind the latest Loungewear collection?
To be honest, we have been looking  forward to creating a more in depth knitwear range for a while. We haven't had the opportunity until now because our supply chains and makers were impacted by covid. We are so thrilled to work with our makers again and see them flourish. I think the range has been inspired by many customers asking us when we will be releasing knits and  loungewear. We understand that our customer base wants to have options to wear sustainability made, artisan crafted clothing that is relaxed and multi purpose to complement their existing Bird & Kite statement pieces. Also, full disclosure...we got a bit over excited about designing knits and working with our makers again. Who doesn't love knit? We have become a bit knit obsessed at the office. Our customers can expect to see more knits in our ranges moving forward.
Where did the name 'COCO' come from for the new range?
Well, the obvious reference is to the chocolate knits we have featured in this range. However, to go deeper, 'COCO' inspires in us the opportunity for self care in our home sanctuary. A cup of hot 'COCO' has historically symbolised comfort, warmth and restorative care. I do believe that can be experienced in the artisan luxury of this collection.
Bird & Kite Founder Jodi Gibbs on the new Loungewear Collection
Did you have a moment or person in mind when designing these pieces?
Yes, I did. myself! Haha. I've been dreaming about wearing every single piece from the moment I sketched them out. I literally had images of myself dreamily floating from kitchen to living room to garden with a hot cup of something....or taking a walk around my local streets enjoying the crispness of the Autumn air. I know it sounds over romanticised. But, It's been a tough summer for so many people. I'm looking forward to the change of season and wrapping myself in these delicious pieces.
How has it been producing your new collections from afar and not being able to visit your makers? 
This has been really heartbreaking because I moved from Bali to Australia when Covid hit. So, I was used to daily visits to my makers. The relationships and friendships with them, built over 10 years, mean a lot to me. I have missed them greatly. However, since we have been working together for many years, we have created good systems and I've been easily able to manage the process remotely. We have daily video chats on whatsapp to keep things on track. It was difficult for our knit makers, though. The supply chain and  other covid related challenges impacted them. So things were on hold in that department. We are thrilled to be working with them again.
Bird & Kite Founder Jodi Gibbs on the new Loungewear Collection
I'm such a fan of all the textures! Are you able to tell us a little more on how these dreamy knits actually get made? Is there someone sitting there with big knitting needles!? 
Haha! It's easy to imagine that when a knit is described as artisan or hand made. There are no giant knitting needles involved. However, these knits have been created by hand and foot pedal operated knitting looms. They are mechanised....but not digitally automated. They require a person sitting there, hand feeding the yarn and using the foot pedal to power the loome. They can only make one garment at a time, slowly. This is why the tension is sometimes hard for them to keep consistent. Most knits you buy these days are made by digitally automated machines with barely a person involved other than the person who presses the go button. The cotton yarn is handspun in Java. and hand dyed in batches. The product is quite virgin and you can see and feel that in the texture. The knits are really luxurious and soft to touch, and the unprocessed quality comes through. 
Do you have a favourite set from COCO? 
Not a fair question at all! Haha. I literally cannot choose. This is a problem with being the founder. Too many options every season. And, like I said, I'm a bit knit obsessed right now. If I'm forced to narrow it down...the Bowie pants and Lucette Robe combo would be hard to live without. 
Finally, can we expect to see some more Bird & Kite signature dresses this Winter to match with our loungewear?
Of course! We have a few Beauties to release. Not just dresses but tops, pants, skirts that will match well with all our knits. We also have a lot more exciting knits to release over winter.
Want to see what all the excitement is about? You can check out our new Loungewear collection here.

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