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We work with small, family run business. We have chosen our makers carefully to be sure their practices are in line with our brand values. Over years, close and long standing relationships have been developed. Spending a lot of face to face time with them at their workplaces has meant that we have daily insight into how they operate. We have been invited into their family homes and to attend weddings and ceremonies that are important to their culture. Valuing these relationships is key to doing business in Bali. These relationships have allowed us access to full transparency with our makers and their practices. We continue to collaborate with our makers to ensure the following standards are practiced, maintained and endorsed:

No child or underage labour
Fair payment of a living wage 
Safe, healthy and working conditions reasonable hours of work
No harassment, abuse or discrimination
No forced Labour
Supporting religious and cultural practices
women’s rights observed 
Support of working mothers
Support and respect for community values and religious attendance